Half lives

The half lives are a cross breed between humans from Earth and non-human races from the other planets.

Half life expectancy decreases exponentially with time

The name comes from the term Half-life, abbreviated t½, which is the scientific term used to denote the period of time it takes for the amount of a substance undergoing decay to decrease by half. The name was originally used to describe a characteristic of unstable atoms (radioactive decay.) it may apply to any quantity which follows a set-rate decay. One of the key characteristics of half lives is that they age at a rate which is 50% faster than humans. In 3017 most half lives have a life expectancy of fifty years, while their human counterparts could easily live to be a hundred.

The Lion Man: Half human half lion

The first recorded half lives were born in 2100, by which time the distances between planets could be covered in weeks instead of years Earth time. Technological advancement and the discovery of wormholes between planets further shortened travel times so that by 2900, such space could be covered in days.

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The Destiny of Shaitan Origins

The most powerful being in the universe was created in lust and disowned at birth. Shaitan was a love child. His mother, Ira, seduced the supreme god Shiva, conceiving Shaitan in the divine equivalent of a one-night stand. When the moment of madness was over, Shiva regretted his lapse. When most needed, Shaitan’s powers would fail him, so Shiva fumed at his yet unborn child.

The curse of Shiva

Shaitan next encountered Shiva as a teenager. By then he knew he was different from the rest. The son of a super life form that he was, there was never any doubt in his mind that he would one day become the ruler of the universe. Now he had a choice. He could do this step-by-step; the more traditional and more honest way. By following in the footsteps of the human conquerors before him, he could take one kingdom at a time, raze it to the ground, and rebuild it his way. But why take the long torturous route when there was a simpler path to glory? An accelerated five seconds in the limelight leading to a celebrity career kind of method, perhaps. Shaitan simply stole Shiva’s weapon, the Trident, a device guaranteed to bestow absolute power on its owner.  Surely as the son of Shiva, he had claim to that which belonged to his father.  Cradling the Trident in his hands, he felt the strength flow right through him, uniting the skies above and the world below, with Shaitan at its centre.It grounded him, the radiant white energy, giving him the power to control everything. Shiva was furious. He cursed Shaitan to be killed by his firstborn. The journey of their lives was thus set in motion; the patterns passed on from father to child to father. This is Shaitan’s story and the story of all half lives, the half human, half alien race of the future. To read more of The Destiny of Shaitan, go to http://tiny.cc/szqsew. Enter the Shaitan summer giveaway, for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card and a free ecopy of the book go to http://krazybooklady.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/destiny-of-shaitan-by-laxmi-hariharan.html
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